RIRC Membership

Membership Categories

Individual Membership – for adults. Book Open Court Time and Adult Programs two weeks in advance, receive Member Rates on all Open Court Time and Programs, and take full advantage of Game Arranging services. Option to open a Club Charge account. (Non-members may reserve court time only 48 hours in advance and pay higher rates.)

Young Executive Membership – for ages 34 and under
. Individual Membership at a reduced price.

Couple Membership – for adults. Individual Membership for two people.

Limited Membership – for adults . Individual Membership with limited play at a substantially reduced price. Play at member rates during non-prime hours and participate in all Adult Programs with full membership privileges.

Roosevelt Island Resident Membership — for Roosevelt Island residents only.
50% discount on any regular RIRC membership plus a 50% discount on Open Court Time reserved 24 hours or less in advance.

Junior Membership – for ages 21 and under. Individual Membership privileges.

Junior Plus Membership – for ages 21 and under . Add someone 21 or younger to your membership and enjoy a discount off the regular Junior Membership rate.

Membership Rates
Category Monthly EFT Rate Annual Fee Initiation Fee
Passport Membership
Individual $135 $1620 $500
Young Executive $60 $720 $500
Couple $205 $2460 $750
Limited $105 $1260 $500
Roosevelt Island Resident 50% Discount 50% Discount 50% Discount
Junior $60 $840 $75
Junior Plus $45 $540 n/a
Corporate and Group Inquire Inquire Inquire

Membership information

Please contact our Membership Director, Steve O’Keefe at sokeefe@advantagetennisclubs.com or 212.935.0250 ext 812.

Non-Member Options

Please call 212.935.0250.

Passport Membership

The Roosevelt Island Racquet Club (RIRC) Advantage Passport Membership provides all of the benefits of a regular RIRC membership, plus membership at all Advantage Tennis Clubs: Manhattan Plaza Racquet Club (MPRC), RIRC and New York Tennis Club (NYTC). In addition you get to PLAY FREE this summer at RIRC and NYTC!

You will also have year-round membership privileges at MPRC, giving you access to 23 courts, top notch programming, and full privileges at Manhattan Plaza Health Club, one of the finest health clubs and day spas in New York City.
An Advantage Passport Membership requires a one year commitment and costs $160 per month, only $25 more per month than an Individual RIRC membership. We encourage members to pay monthly using our auto-pay plan, but you can choose instead to pay $1920 per year, $300 more than your RIRC membership.

We offer other passport memberships, including:

  • Couples Passport, $245/month or $2,940/year
  • Junior Passport (21 or under), $95/month
  • Junior Passport add-on (21 or under and part of an adult membership), $70/month

With an average savings of $35 per court hour, plus free court time in the summer, anyone planning to play once a week or more will save money with a Passport Membership. When you add the value of the MPHC membership (over $1000 per year) and the other benefits, Passport Membership is a fantastic deal for active tennis players. Better yet, the more you play the more you save!

We will set you up with your new membership right away – just contact Steve O’Keefe at sokeefe@advantagetennisclubs.com or 212.935.0250 ext 812.

Benefits of Advantage Passport Membership
  • Full membership privileges
  • Member court rates: an average savings of $35/court hour
  • Fourteen (14) days advance reservation privileges
  • Summer* free privileges on reserved courts at RIRC. One hour a day, every day of the week, from noon-close
  • Reduced court fees for lessons every day from noon-close (50% off singles, 75% off doubles)
  • Unlimited summer* free walk-on. Unlimited free play on unreserved courts, every day from noon-close
  • Full membership at NYTC
  • Roosevelt Island Sports Park pool and fitness center
  • Game arranging –best in NY
  • Year round free court time on Saturday evenings from 8-11PM. You can reserve one hour of open time for singles or two hours for doubles and then play on any open courts afterwards at no charge.
  • 1 week advance booking privileges
  • Summer* free privileges on reserved courts at RIRC. One hour a day, every day, from noon-close
  • Full membership at NYTC
  • Membership in one of NY’s finest health clubs – MPHC (normally over $1,000 a year)
*Summer is defined as the 12 week period from June 19 – September 10, 2017

2017 Summer Junior Membership

We’ve designed a Summer Junior Membership which will allow juniors at Roosevelt Island Racquet Club to play unlimited tennis at a very reasonable price. Here are the details.

  • Summer Junior Members may reserve one hour per day at no charge. The only restriction is that the reservation must be after Noon.
  • If there are courts available after your reserved hour, you may stay on the court for unlimited play at no additional charge. We will, however, not turn lights on for unlimited play.
  • Reservations may be made one week in advance.
  • The cost is $160 per person for one month. Or, pay $350 now and get the entire summer from June 19 through September 10. This membership is not available for shorter periods. (e.g., one week) The one month membership may not be split into shorter segments.
  • If someone plays with a Summer Junior Member and does not have the membership, they pay their share of the applicable court fee for ALL of the time they are on the court.
  • For private lessons or hittings, Summer Junior Members pay the member rate for the court plus the pro fee no matter what time the lesson is or when the lesson was booked.
  • The Summer Junior Membership is available from June 19 through September 10.
  • Summer Junior Members must be age 18 or Under.

We feel this a great way to play lots of tennis this summer without spending lots of money. If you have questions about the Summer Junior Membership, contact Gordon Kent at 212-935-0250 ext 825, Steve O’Keefe at 212-935-0250 ext 812, or Kimberly Latif at 212-935-0250 ext 824. Or email Gordon at gkent@advantagetennisclubs.com. To apply, submit the Online Application.