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At Advantage, it’s easy to get the membership that’s perfect for you. Because we think players should have a range of choices and that’s exactly what we offer. Different clubs. Different levels of membership – individual adult, adults age 30 and under, couples, limited access, junior memberships for players age 21 and under and special opportunities for Roosevelt Island residents. We recommend Advantage PASSPORT Membership, for the most freedom. And the most fun.

PASSPORT is a great value.* It includes all the benefits of a regular club membership (full privileges at your home club), plus membership at all Advantage Tennis Clubs — Manhattan Plaza Racquet Club (MPRC), New York Tennis Club (NYTC) and Roosevelt Island Racquet Club (RIRC). Choose a home club and get home club advantages there. Plus, enjoy complete access to the other two clubs. AND, PLAY FREE DURING THE SUMMER at RIRC and NYTC!!

Year-round PASSPORT membership gives you:
  • 23 courts around the city
  • top-notch programming at all clubs and for all levels
  • full membership privileges at your home club
  • 14-day reservation privileges at your home club – either RIRC or MPRC
  • complimentary game arranging at all 3 clubs
  • full membership and FREE summer court time from May – October (22 weeks) at New York Tennis Club
  • FREE court time every day at Roosevelt Island Racquet Club from noon to closing for the 12-week summer season
  • Includes health club membership at Manhattan Plaza Health Club

Get the membership that’s perfect for you!

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*An Advantage Passport Membership requires a one year commitment, and we encourage members to pay monthly using our auto-pay plan.