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Group Learning

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Group Learning 

Hone your skills with Advantage group learning!

Classes are arranged by players’ skill level – Find the class that fits your skill set.

Our learning curriculum is geared towards preparing for match play — social or competitive.

We focus on doubles strategy, communication and technique through fast-paced drills and live points that create a fun and social atmosphere for all our players!

Members may reserve two weeks in advance. Non-members may reserve one week ahead.

Play At Three Great Locations

Roosevelt Island Racquet Club

We are Manhattan’s tennis oasis with twelve indoor, year-round, temperature-controlled, Har-Tru clay tennis courts. Combined with our expansive clubhouse, membership has been a tennis player’s privilege here since 1992.

Manhattan Plaza Racquet Club

Experience high-quality tennis in the heart of Midtown Manhattan with five indoor, year-round, temperature-controlled, hard-surface, tennis courts. We have been serving the tennis community with this exclusive opportunity for more than 42 years. 

New York Tennis Club

Enjoy six indoor, temperature-controlled, Har-Tru Clay tennis courts in our quiet corner of the city at New York’s oldest tennis club. This tennis aficionado’s hidden gem is just a short drive away from the hustle and bustle of your daily city grind.

Group Learning Information
MPRC Tennis Class Schedule

Group Lessons

Individualized attention at group prices
4 to 1 student to pro ratio
Arranged by players’ skill level
Beginners learn each stroke step-by-step
Intermediates learn control & consistency
Advanced players learn to improve power, spin & finesse

Friday Night Special

Levels 3.0 & above
Personal supervision by a USPTR certified tennis pro
4 to 1 participant to Pro ratio
Learn strategy, positioning and shot placement
Live Ball
Drills and games based on each court groups’ skill level

Group Learning Information
NYTC Tennis Class Schedule

Game Arranging is a weekly, opt-in program that provides the opportunity for tennis players from all levels to play doubles each week.

Interested players simply respond to a weekly email the week before play, and let the club know the day(s) they want to play. The club then confirms play and matches players, based on tennis level and court availability.

Just sign up and the club does the matching for you!

Play when you want and be matched for a great game at New York Tennis Club Indoors!

Group Learning Information
RIRC Tennis Class Schedule

Drill and Play: 2.5-3.0

Get back in the game and see what you’re missing; fun, exercise, socializing, oh yeah, and tennis! Come out and take a clinic at the best Adult Program in the city!

The 2.5-3.0 Doubles clinic is recommended for the low intermediate player who understands court positioning, is capable of sustaining rallies, serving, playing games and able to keep score. With up to six people on a court, our fast paced drills and games will help you refine your strokes and gain valuable match play experience.

Drill and Play: 3.0-3.5

  • Designed for intermediate and advanced intermediate (3.0-3.5) players
  • A good workout focused on doubles skills, strategy, and technique
  • Each class includes at least one hour of instruction with match play for the remainder
  • Maximum of six students per class

Drill and Play: 3.0-3.5 (Low Impact)

For those whose movement is restricted by age, injury, recovery, or other reasons, we now offer Lo-Impact Drill & Play!

Drill and Play: 4.0-4.5

The 4.0 Clinics are designed for the advanced players, with solid, well-rounded games. These classes are challenging and fast moving. You get a great workout while focusing on doubles court coverage, advanced strategy, and placement. There is a 6:1 student to teacher ratio in the 4.0 Clinics.

Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis is a 90-minute high-intensity class that has two parts: “Heart Rate” then “Game -Based”. The first part is 30 minutes of fast paced feeding and hitting drills to get the “Heart Rate” up. The second part consists of 1 hour of structured Game- Based drills and points in a competitive environment.


​​Come be a part of this new, exciting game on the tennis court, where aggressive play is rewarded and winning is the name of the game! An exciting game of doubles points with constantly changing teams. Scoring is what makes this game different:
Ground Stroke Winner = 5 points
Volley Winner = 10 points
Overhead Winner = 20 points

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Members have access to exclusive perks including the ability to book a hitter for your practice session. Take Advantage of this invaluable opportunity to take your game to the next level – join our club today.

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Enjoy the flexibility of playing at your own pace, perfecting your shots, and relishing the sport whenever the mood strikes.
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The Court Times

Adapting the Game

Adapting the Game

With altered teaching methods, you can help players with mobility and cognitive issues enjoy tennis for a lifetime.

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What’s Next? Match Play!

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