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Junior Tennis Programs

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Junior Programs

At Advantage Tennis Clubs, we pride ourselves on having guided children along a proven pathway to success for nearly five decades. Beginning with red balls for our youngest players (age 4), we gradually progress according to their skills and size.

Our program is led by top-notch coaches with experience teaching at every level. Whether they’re just starting or aiming for the pro circuit, we provide the tools to help them reach their full potential on the court.

Being in the right class is key to having a successful tennis experience! To ensure this, we offer free 15-minute on-court evaluations and virtual consultations for new players.

Three Types Of Junior Programs

Red Ball

Begin the Advantage junior pathway with Red Ball for our youngest players (ages 4-8). Utilizing low compression balls and racquets tailored to their needs, we ensure an environment where children can succeed right from the start.

Junior Development

Continue to develop a life-long love of tennis with us in our instructional and competitive youth programs designed for children ages 8 and older.

High Performance Training

Excel in competitive tennis with Advantage High Performance Training Program. Dedicated players delve into high-level strategic gameplay, honing their skills to thrive in high school, college, or tournaments.

Junior Programs Pathway

Find the right starting point for your child on our proven pathway to success! Advantage Junior Program classes are specially tailored to your child’s age, size, and experience!

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We’re proud to boast that our membership is composed of some of the most diverse and interesting people in New York City. Become a part of NYC tennis history and join the Advantage club today.