Kids and Sports: Making the Right Match

These days, it’s practically impossible to overlook one of the challenges facing our nation’s kids: too little exercise. Many boys and girls don’t have access to sports programs at all, others may have experienced poor teaching methods or a too-intense atmosphere that makes them reluctant to try again.

At Advantage Tennis, we see first-hand how introducing kids to sports – in the right way – can create a healthful, lifelong good habit of exercise, along with so many other benefits. Of course, not everyone grows up to be a tennis star. Many kids have no interest in fierce competition and the pressure that can accompany it. But everyone likes to have a good time!

First comes fun. Then comes instruction.

Every Advantage Tennis class is designed to help even the youngest players enjoy their time on the courts. We appeal to their natural curiosity and openness to new things, with games and drills that feel like play, but actually teach them the basics of tennis. When even the shyest children see everybody else laughing and running around, it’s only a matter of time before they’re on the courts, too.

Xavier Luna, Director of Advantage All-City Junior Programs in New York City, knows this inside and out. He explains, “We make sure every one of our students is enjoying the experience…our fun-first, no-pressure approach means children learn to love the game. Then we help them hone their skills, cultivate their talent and see how far they can go with tennis and still look forward to every serve.”
Luna says more on the topic in this recent Huffington Post article.

Learning lifelong lessons.

Even without a competitive atmosphere, we believe in encouraging children to do their best. They learn to pay close attention and focus on what they are doing – skills that will serve them in many other situations, as well. We also cover sportsmanship and appropriate behavior on the court, with coaches, other players, parents and more. Good manners matter every day, for everyone.

So whether you want your child to develop physical strength and coordination, inner strength, a positive attitude or just have some fun, sports can go a long way toward meeting all of these goals. At Advantage, we especially recommend tennis!