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RIRC Advanced Singles League Spring/Summer 2024

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This is New York’s largest and most comprehensive singles league in the Metro area! For members and non members, our league is complete with a dynamic ladder and Playoffs.

Updated July 4th, 2024

Spring – Summer 2024 RIRC Advanced Single League Ladder (PDF)

This year round league is divided into three seasons (Fall, Winter, Spring/Summer) each consisting of 12- 14 weeks plus two weeks for Playoffs. The Advanced Singles League is ladder based, using several criteria; NTRP, Points (+/- .05 for each win/loss), Win Percentage (wins/total), and Current Streak. Players are ranked this way to encourage more match play and rewards for each win. Depending on your results, you can be moved up or down between divisions.  You’ll play an assortment of matches, including your division, ones above and below. Matches are played Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.

Most players play once a week, but it is possible to request two matches, depending on player availability and courts. However, you’re not obligated to play each week either. Your email address will be added to the ASL e-blast list, which is sent weekly on Thursday evenings. Spots fill quickly, so reply promptly by Sunday noon.

Even though the league is competitive, cheating and unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Please be fair to everyone and willing to replay points if necessary.



  • Be on time to ensure enough time for a 10 minute warm-up. If there is time remaining at the end of the match, you are more than welcome to stay and play.
  • Play TWO sets, with add scoring and a 10 point tie-breaker instead of a third set IF you split.
  • When you finish your match, the winner must write down the scores on the sign-up sheet on the front desk and print your initials in the appropriate box.
  • Partial scores will be dealt with on an individual basis, but ties will only be considered if the player that lost the first set is up at least three games in the second (ie 6-4, 0-3), or a break to close the second (ie 6-4, 3-5).
  • Playing one match automatically puts you on the ladder.
  • To move up a group, you must either win three matches in a row from your group, or two from your group and one from the group above (still three consecutive wins).
  • You’ll be moved down a group if you either lose three matches in a row from your group, or two from yours and one from the group below (still three consecutive losses).
  • Players that have played five matches or more in their division will qualify for Playoffs (yes, that means prizes).
  • If you lose three matches in a row from the bottom group you’re out of the league and may try again in the next season.
  • This is to ensure the highest possible quality amongst the league.

Thanks for your continuing support and let’s have another great season!

  Member Non-member
Pricing pp per match $69 $88

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