The Surprising Connection between Burpees & Tennis!

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It turns out that the Burpee exercise you disliked (maybe hated?) in elementary school should still be part of your workout routine – especially if you play tennis. That’s because playing great tennis requires great stamina, flexibility, coordination and explosive power.

The Burpee delivers everything you need to step up your game.

Burpees engage your cardiovascular system and almost all of the body’s major muscle groups.  They work your arms, shoulders and chest as well as the legs and core – all key components of the strength you need on the courts. And if you remember them as a sweaty, burning, achy experience…you’re right!  But that’s what it takes to condition you for tennis.

A Quick Burpee How-To

Here’s what you need to know about doing Burpees and how to get the most out of your efforts.  And if you’re really pressed for time, Burpees are the answer!  This one exercise will give you tremendous benefits, even in a short workout. Using your own body weight provides plenty of resistance – and requires a lot of effort.

Stand up straight to begin.

Sink into a deep squat.  Bring your glutes to your calves and your hands to the floor in front of you.  Shift your body weight to your arms and press the floor away with your hands.  Then either jump back with both feet or step back one leg at a time.

Come into Plank. Firm your core, keep your hips almost as high as your shoulders and energize back through your inner heels.

Do one low push-up, working to reach a maximum low.  Then jump or step your feet up to your hands, and bring your glutes near your heels again. 

Leap up as high as possible, working to reach a maximum height, and land into the squat position again, softly and quietly.  Resist with your quads (thigh muscles) so the movement stays controlled.

Work your way up to 15-20 repetitions. Whew!

Once you’ve mastered that, here are some variations to play with.

try jumping forward instead of jumping straight up

bring your feet into a wide straddle while you jump up

do the push-ups one-handed

swap in a double push-up or a double jump

Improve your game with Burpees.

Warm up before tennis with a few sets of Burpees to raise your heart rate and prepare your body for further movement. The more Burpees you can work into your routine, the more power, strength and stamina you’ll develop.  And you’ll bring those physical advantages with you, every time you step onto the court!