What is QuickStart Tennis?

QuickStart Tennis uses shorter courts, slower bouncing balls and shorter racquets to make learning tennis easier and more fun. Children learn basic strokes more easily because the equipment and the court are age and size appropriate. They have more fun playing games and doing drills where they can experience success. Young players feel what it’s like to “play tennis” and can easily progress to play, lessons and competition on full size courts.

2014 QuickStart Program – for players age 4 to 10

Advantage QuickStart Tennis is an easy, accessible way into tennis for kids– no equipment or experience needed. Just lots of fun from day one! Boys and girls play with age- and size-appropriate racquets on smaller courts using special, slow-bouncing balls. They learn from experienced professionals through non-competitive drills, games and instruction in tennis basics and fundamentals. Rates will be prorated for late starts.

Fall Term – September 17 – December 22 (14 weeks on Tuesday & 13 weeks on Thursday and Sunday) No classes November 28- December 1
Winter Term – January 7 – March 16 (10 weeks)
Spring Term – March 18 – June 8 (12 weeks)


Tuesday or Thursday from 4-5 or 5-6PM and Sunday from 10:30-11:30 or 11:30-12:30


$350 for the 10 week term, $420 for the 12 week term, $455 for the 13 week term, and $490 for the 14 week term for Roosevelt Island residents. $400 for the 10 week term, $480 for the 12 week term, $520 for the 13 week term, and $560 for the 14 week term for non Roosevelt Island residents. Special 10% discount on Sunday classes!


The program uses the QuickStart tennis format. Children play with shorter racquets on shortened courts using special slow bouncing balls. The program includes fun drills and games as well as instruction on fundamentals.


4-10 years old. No tennis experience necessary.


QuickStart classes are offered in the Roosevelt Island Sports Park Gym immediately adjacent to Roosevelt Island Racquet Club.

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