7 Key Points for Choosing the Right Tennis Camp

School is almost out and soon children will be gleefully immersed in swimming, playing outside, and — if they want to focus on tennis — tennis camp. With so many options available, how do you find the best fit and the best instruction for your child?

Here are the most important factors to consider … to help find the perfect tennis camp for your little player!

  1. Personal recommendations – Get help from people you know and trust. Ask friends, family and colleagues which tennis camps they’ve sent their kids to, and any others they know about first-hand.
  2. History –The more established the camp is, the better. A proven track record will tell you a lot. For example, All-City Junior Tennis Camp is the City’s oldest and most established junior tennis program and offers some of the finest coaching in the East.
  3. Staff – Find out the experience level of staff members and the staff-to-camper ratio. The ratio tells you how much attention your player will get on the court and during camp throughout the day – as well as the general amount of supervision. The experience level is a good indication of the quality of instruction offered.
  4. Appropriate instruction – Look for a camp that meets players at their own level, with separate classes for beginners, intermediates and more experienced players. Also look for real instruction, with coaching and attention to detail, versus just a place to play. You want to make sure your child is getting the right instruction, learning and having fun!
  5. Proper focus – Beginners and intermediate players need to focus on the fundamentals of the game. More advanced or tournament players will benefit more from match play, coaching and emphasis on the strategic aspects of tennis.
  6. Activities –Some campers may want to play tennis 1-2 hours a day, while other more competitive players may want 4-5 hours a day. Some kids thrive on variety, others do not. Ask your child what he or she really wants and then make sure there’s enough variety to meet their needs.
  7. Facilities – Check out the courts and other facilities. If your child loves swimming, ask to see the pool. Ask about a place for field sports, games and quieter activities – anything your child would enjoy.

Tour the camp, ask questions, check things out — whatever it takes to be sure your child has a great camp experience and an unforgettable summer!