RIRC Group Lessons

Separated by level, our weekly group tennis lessons and clinics are active and fun while providing the best teaching experience possible. They are geared towards preparing our participants for match play, whether social or competitive. We focus on doubles strategy, communication and technique. Fast paced drills and live points help create a fun atmosphere for learning. Clinics are separated by level.

Group sizes vary depending on the specific program with anywhere from 4-6 people per court. Select the program you’re interested in for specific details. There is no specific start or stop date for any program. And you’ll love our “No Cancellation Policy”: programs with only 1 or 2 players registered will run, although the length is subject to change. At RIRC, you know in advance that you will definitely be playing!

When you’re ready to start just fill out an application form online four to five days ahead of time and you’ll hear from us promptly.

If this is your first time playing at RIRC, select “This is my first time, I’d like to use a complimentary trial session”. To receive a complimentary trial session you MUST sign up ONLINE, and at least 24 hours prior to the actual class. *Please note: only your first time, first class at the club is free. So please pick it carefully! All subsequent classes and programs are charged at the current rate. The “first time free trial” is only offered to  residents of the local Metro area. Proof of residency may be required.

2.5 Doubles Clinic
Drill & Play Clinics
4.0 Doubles Clinic
Cardio Tennis

2016 – 2017 Adult Program Schedule

Program Day Time NTRP Level
Wednesday 8-9 PM 0-2.0
Sunday 2-3 PM 0-2.0
2.5 Doubles Clinic
Thursday 7:30-9 PM 2.5
Sunday 1:30-3 PM 2.5
Drill & Play
Monday 1-3 PM 3.0+
Monday 7:30-9PM 3.0+
Tuesday 8-9:30 PM 3.0+
Wednesday 9-11 PM 3.0-3.5
Friday Noon-2 PM 3.0-3.5+
Friday 7-9 PM 3.0+
Sunday 3-5 PM 3.0-3.5
Members Only
10AM-Noon 3.5+
4.0 Doubles Clinic
Tuesday Noon-2 PM 4.0+
Wednesday 9-11 PM 4.0+
Thursday Noon-2 PM 4.0+
Cardio Tennis
Monday 7-8 PM 3.0+
Monday 8-9 PM 4.0+
Tuesday 7-8 PM 3.0+
Tuesday 8-9 PM 3.5+
Wednesday 7-8 PM 3.0+
Wednesday 8-9 PM 4.0+
Thursday 7-8 PM 3.0+
Thursday 8-9 PM 3.5+
Sunday 1-2 PM 3.0+
Sunday 3-4 PM 2.5+
Looking for more?

Adult Game ArrangingCheck out our Match Play Programs!! Many of our Match Play Programs are geared towards doubles.

Cancellation Policy

All Adult Programs listed below adhere to our 24 hour late cancellation policy.

We reserve the right to charge any participant the program price for canceling within the 24 hour period, or not showing. So if you need to cancel, please do so at least 24 hours in advance!