For Your Own Good – The Tennis-Health Connection

You’ve probably heard tennis referred to as “the sport for a lifetime” more times than you can count. But what, exactly, does it mean?

It means there’s a proven connection between enjoying time on the court and enjoying many years of good health! Let’s explore the physical benefits of tennis — another big reason to get in the game!

Fantastic Facts

Tennis players benefit from…

      • Lower risk of death from any cause just for playing 3 hours of moderately vigorous tennis each week
      • Possible continuing brain development throughout players’ lifetimes, driven by staying alert and thinking tactically
      • Improved cardiovascular fitness and ability to keep energy levels up
      • Strong leg muscles, thanks to starts and stops, plus jumping, running and lunging
      • Burning more calories than they would through aerobics, inline skating, or cycling
      • Aerobic and anaerobic fitness – plus agility — from a single sport
      • Better gross and fine motor control and overall coordination
      • Higher self-esteem and optimism, less anxiety and tension
      • Improved bone strength and bone density
      • Stronger immune systems
      • More healthful eating habits, from eating properly to gain more energy for the game
      • Flexibility from all the stretching and maneuvering needed to return the ball back over the net


Better health starts today!

If you haven’t been playing tennis lately, now you have even more reasons to get back into it. And if you’re a regular player, you have even more incentive to stick with it. So in both cases, we hope to see you on the courts very soon!